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Fragrance Pairing

Author: Claire Denman | 02 Sep 2022

As the cold weather sets in, we are rugging up indoors and turning to our beloved home fragrances for a spirit lift. Creating an enticing space in winter is all about the ambiance. Mood lighting, cosy knitted blankets, a flickering wood fire and a warm, enveloping fragrance.

In these uncertain times, we can find pleasure in the little things. Practicing your self-care routine while burning a fragrant candle [or two] and discovering an exciting new scent is an instant mood booster.

Fragrance pairing or scent layering put quite simply is combining two [or if you’re feeling wild, even three] different fragrances together to achieve a bespoke scent. Burning candles simultaneously can open the door to many aromatic possibilities.

When it comes to fragrance pairing there are no hard-and-fast rules, although we recommend mixing scents from the same or complimentary fragrance families. Pairing seasonal candles is somewhat of an art – there are classic candle combos that always work, experimental pairings that surprise you and questionable blends worth avoiding.

Firstly, stick with combinations as you would experience them in nature. Woody and oriental fragrances blend magnificently with their smoky forest scents and warm amber notes of spice, greenery and wood.

Secondly, finding a harmonious blend is key. Mix a powerful floral scent with a green or woodsy fragrance for an alluring balance.   

Lastly, get creative! You want to find fragrances that are not so similar they’ll clash or compete. Experiment and discover your favourite overlapping notes and contrasting scents.

Try pairing our new Peppermint Grove gourmand candles for a sensual, deliciously warm fragrance ideal for a wintery day.

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